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The calorific value of chip rises since the performance of TV is improved.Therefore,in the limited internal space,traditional aluminum-extruded heat sink can't satisfy the need of heat dissipation.

Customer requirements

At the ambient temperature of 40℃,use the source to simulate and 8K resolution TV chip to test the thermal performance of the Asink's thermal module. The power consumption is 22W. To test the heat dissipation performance of the Asink cooling module, the heat source temperature must not exceed 90℃(temperature rise 50℃).


Asink solid nano-carbon thermal module,size: 76x76x10mm.

Temperature variation curve
Below is the temperature variation curve graph
T1: temperature of heat source
T2: ambient temperature


Conclusion: At the temperature of 40℃,Asink's thermal module for 8K TV(with 5W/mK thermal pad,fan rpm 1655)can control the temperature of heat source (the chip whose power consumption is 22W) at 87.8℃(rise of temperature:47.8℃) to satisfy the customer's need.


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