Simulation Case
Automotive electronics

Nowdays there are more and more electronic equipment in a vehicle,including the vehicle management control center,and thus require a reliable thermal solution to ensure the safety of driver.

Customer requirements

An active thermal design plan is required,including the specification and the air duct design of the fan. The customer demands that at the ambient temperature of 30℃,after the test,the temperature of appointed component should not be higher than 70℃ (or the rise of temperature should be less than 40℃),and the temperature of the shell should not be higher than 45℃ (or the rise of temperature should be less than 15℃).
The thermal simulation model below is built based on the product information provided by the customer.

Parameter setting
The parameters are provided by the customer.

Thermal solution
Aink's optimized solution

Conclusion: With Asink's optimized thermal solution (add the fan,air duct and open holes on shell),the temperature can be controlled under 70℃(or the rise of temperature is less than 40℃). The temperature of shell isn't higher than 45℃ (or the rise of temperature isn't higher than 15℃). Therefore,we can see that Asink's solution can satisfy the customer's need.

Conclusion: Below is the cloud image of temperature distribution of Asink's optimized solution.
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