Simulation Case
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Since the screen resolution is increased,the calorific value of chip rises as well. In the limited space,the traditional aluminum-extruded heat sink can't meet the need. Therefore,we not only can use single heat sink but also combine the heat pipe, fan fin and so on to improve the thermal performance.

Customer requirements

A thermal solution for a 8K resolution TV. At the ambient temperature of 60℃,the temperature of heat source should not be higher than 105℃(which means the rise of temperature should not be more than 45℃). Power consumption of chip: 18.7W.

Parameter setting
We simplify the model: there are only two heat sources(CPU and the other). This solution is especially designed for this case,please do not apply to others. If so,we will not be responsible for damage of the machine.

Thermal Solutino

Conslusion: Both can satisfy customer's need and have similar thermal performance.
Solution 1 uses traditional aluminum-extruded heat sink and thus needs a heat sink with bigger size(162.2x110x9 mm).
Solution 2 uses thermal module which has better thermal performance and thus required smaller volume(69.4x83x9 mm).But there will be some noise problems when using the fan.

Schematic diagram of thermal solution

Only as reference of size(for solution 1)

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