Successful Case
Set-Top Box

Set-top box is widely used in every family to watch TV programs. Also,nowadays after people watch TV,we usually only turn off the TV monitor and the set-top box will turn to standby mode for long time. Therefore,a high-performance and stable thermal solution is essential to control the temperature of internal chip to prevent the high temperature from damaging the machine for a long time.

Customer requirements

At the ambient temperature of 25℃,the aim of thermal solution is to control the temperature of CPU under 80℃,and the measurement point of temperature is main chip.


Conclusion: Both Asink thermal solutions successfully satifsy the customer's need. Compared with original solution,the temperature can be lowered by 11~14℃,or 18%~22%.
The advantage of Asink solution 1 is smaller volume of heat sink and lower cost.
As for Asink solution 2,it has higher thermal performance and thus safer than solution 1.

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