Successful Case

IH electric rice cooker was launched in recent years.Compared with traditional type,IH electric rice cooker "cooks" by heat produced by eddy current,and is preferred by customers for better flavor. However,the components inside have higher calorific value and therefore need a more reliable thermal solution with higher thermal performance.

Customer requirements

Optimize the original solution and remove the fan;the IH electric rice cooker needs to finish cooking process for one time with the Asink thermal solution.
Parameters of IH electric rice cooker (volume: 4L;power: 1150W)

Thermal solution and testing process


Conclusion: With the original solution,the test was suspended in 20 minutes because the temperature of components was too high,and might get higher if the test didn't suspend.
With Asink's thermal solution,the machine can finish one standard cooking process to satisfy the customer's need.

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