Simulation Case
Appliances thermal simulation of power panel

As a kind of power semiconductor ,IGBT is widely applied in power panel of various appliances. Since the power of appliance gets higher,more reliable way for heat dissipation is required to ensure that the IGBT can function well. Generally,IGBT uses thermal paste and thermal pad for heat dissipation. As for those appliances with much higher power,fan will be added to improve thermal performance.

Customer requirements

Under the premise of keeping thermal performance, customer demands to reduce the weight of heat sink. (at the ambient temperature of 35°C, and the temperature of designated heat source should not higher than 85°C).
Below thermal simulation model is based on the data provided by customer.

Parameter setting
The parameters are provided by the customer.

Conclusion: At the ambient temperature of 30℃,compared with original solution, the temperature of heat source of Asink's solution is lower,which means higher thermal performance. Also Asink's heat sink is lighter by 500g (more than 25%).
Under the premise of keeping the same thermal performance,the weight of heat sink is reduced significantly. The key to achieve this goal is because of the outstanding thermal performance of Asink's exclusive solid nano-carbon coating material.

Conclustion: Below is the cloud image of temperature distribution of original and Asink's thermal solution,and the internal flow field diagram of heat sink.

Schematic diagram

Asink's optimized thermal solution

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