Asink supplier environmental protection training-2021.10

Asink supplier environmental protection training.

Asink is recognized and reported by the local government-2021.9

Recently, the Secretary of xiajie village committee of Qishi Town, Dongguan city visited aixinke to have an in-depth understanding of the relevant contents of enterprise capacity and benefits in the National Rural Revitalization Strategy.
The government news channel simultaneously interviewed and reported on the trip.

Asink tourism season, return to the Silk Road-2021.7

Asink will organize the tour from June 18, 2021 to June 22, 2021. Enjoy the local conditions, customs and cultural atmosphere of Xining and Hexi corridor

Good news: Asink won the title of scale benefit growth enterprise of Qishi town in 2020-2021.3

On the morning of March 3, Qishi town held the 2020 annual work summary meeting, which released the list of the top 10 industrial enterprises of scale benefit growth of Qishi town in 2020. Our company is honored to be included in the list.

Good news: Asink won IATF 16949:2016 certification-2020.11

After rigorous review, our company successfully passed the IATF16949:2016 quality system certification, which marks that our products have obtained a green pass to enter the automotive market, laying a solid foundation for the company's vigorous development in the future.

Asink in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition with AI thermal simulation technology and won the Outstanding Enterprise Award-2020.10

Asink has been working in the radiator market for many years. From the initial development and promotion of nano-carbon radiators, the products are now recognized and affirmed by customers and agents. Over the years, they have accumulated rich experience in heat dissipation of electronic products. The Houyi AI thermal simulation platform of the industrial robot system that participated in the entrepreneurial competition this time is the crystallization of ISIMCO's technology and experience over the years. Through the combination of AI intelligence, big data technology, heat flow analysis core, and heat dissipation design experience, the complex technology of thermal simulation is creatively used to achieve low thresholds, cloudification, and efficiency.

Good News: our company won the high-tech products certification!-2020.04

High-tech products refer to brand-new products that conform to the national and provincial high technology key scope, technology field and product reference catalogue.

Asink once again won the national high-tech enterprises certification.-2020.04

The certification of high-tech enterprises is a comprehensive evaluation and identification of the company's core independent intellectual property rights, ability to transform scientific and ...

2019 year-end party of Asink

Jan.11, 2020,the year-endparty of Asink was held in Wahtong Cheng Hotel Dongguan. It was held not only to thank to the cooperation of the customers and efforts ...

Seminar of Key Enterprises in Emerging Industries-2019.06

In 2019,Asink Green Material Corporation becomes the one of key enterprises in emerging industries in Shenzhen City and attedned the seminar. The seminar aims for ...

Asink was invited to attend the supplier conference of CVTE-2019.05

Asink Green Material Corporation was invited to attend the supplier conference of CVTE and received positve evaluation. Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Technology Company(CVTE) is ...

Asink has passed the preliminary review of high-tech enterprises -2019.04

Asink has passed the preliminary review of high-tech enterprises and is under the process of secondary review. Asink has gotten high-tech enterprise certification of Shenzhen City in 2015,...

Asink was invited to attend the supplier conference -2018.11

Asink Green Material Corporation was invited to attend the supplier conference of Skyworth Group Co.,Ltd., and got approval from the customer side. Skyworth Group Co.,Ltd., is an important...

Unity is strength-2018.10

Sep. 2018,our general manager and vice general manager visited the Shanghai office of Silicon Application Corp. to praise the outstanding sales performance. Silicon Application Corp mainly ...

The progress of advanced thermal technology of high-power LED -2018.08

Introduction: LED is the abbreviation of light-emitting diode,which is a light-emitting material based on semiconductor die. With the ...

Thermal pad division is established -2018.07

Asink's Thermal Pad Division is established this year,and will run the business officially Q2. Our nano-carbon heat sink has won praises from customers for...

Welcome the new year by a year-end party -2018.2

As the literal meaning,the year-end party is usually held in the end of a year,and most companies will prepare meals for employeesvand express the appreciation. Asink also held ...

Asink attended the China Electronics Fair Shenzhen -2018.01

2017 Dec. 21,some colleagues in Asink went to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center to attend the ELEXCON 2017 and EMBEDDED Expo 2017.

Asink was invited to attend the Guangdong Powder Coating Forum -2017.09

Asink Green Material Corporation was invited to attend the second Guangdong Powder Coating Technology Summit Forum which was held in the international Hall of Songshan Lake Everbright WE Valley...

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