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Asink won the China High-tech Enterprise Certification

Asink Green Material Corporation won the China High-tech Enterprise Certification,and was awarded on Jan.16.2017.

Since our establishment,we have focused on the development and application of solid eco-friendly powder materials,and take the powder spraying business as a supplement. We invest much capital and time on development of the technique to keep marking contribution in the field of environmental protection.

The eco-friendly solid nano-carbon material is independently researched and developed by Asink. It is widely used in the heat dissipation and insulation of electronic products. What's more,since the material has the property of easy-to-clean,anti-graffiti, corrosion resistance and weather resistance,it can be applied in daily life,industry and aerospace field. Our eco-friendly solid nanp-carbon powder material has achieved grest success in the field of heat dissipation for consumer electronics. With our technique and service,we have won the recognition of the best companies in various industries,and has become their stable supplier and strategic partner.
Asink Green Material Corporation was established in April,2012,and began to establish a factory in Dongguan in February,2013. Then,research and development bases in Taipei,Taiwan,and branches and offices in Shanghai in eastern China and Chongqing in southwestern China were established one after one. In 2015,we won High-tech enterprise certification of Shenzhen City and over 40 patents. In April,2016,the factory was moved;the area of the new factory doubled,and the production capacity increased by 3 times. In November,2016,we participated in the Munich International Electronics Show in Germany,and the overseas market was officially developed. At the same time,Asink was invited by Samsung Electronics to participate in the Samsung Electronics International Procurement Festival and had discussion with Samsung Electronics on the technique and application of nano-carbon heat sink.

The China high-tech enterprise certification marks that Asink Green Material Corporation complies with national environmental protection policies and follow the trend of human development to meet the standard of national human health and security. On the path of our career,we will continue to work hard for the health and security of all people.

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