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Asink in China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition with AI thermal simulation technology and won the Outstanding Enterprise Award

Recently, our company participated in the 9th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Industrial Technology Innovation Professional Competition (Industrial Robot Technology Special).

The competition is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In order to promote the innovation and development of my country's industrial robot industry, focus on subdivisions, highlight key technologies, explore high-level innovation projects, guide social capital to support key technological innovations in the industry, and promote the national high-tech zone "One District, One Industrial Development.

The participating companies all have strong technological innovation capabilities, and many of them have the support of technical experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This shows that the competition has a high level of technology and fierce competition.

Asink has been working in the radiator market for many years. From the initial development and promotion of nano-carbon radiators, the products are now recognized and affirmed by customers and agents. Over the years, they have accumulated rich experience in heat dissipation of electronic products. The Houyi AI thermal simulation platform of the industrial robot system that participated in the entrepreneurial competition this time is the crystallization of ISIMCO's technology and experience over the years. Through the combination of AI intelligence, big data technology, heat flow analysis core, and heat dissipation design experience, the complex technology of thermal simulation is creatively used to achieve low thresholds, cloudification, and efficiency.

Traditional simulation simulation requires expensive computer equipment, professional personnel, and long calculation time. ISIMCO uses AI technology and big data technology to modularize the original simulation process, and users only need to enter simple parameters to operate . Transferring the system to the cloud allows users to use it regardless of the place of use, whether on the web or mobile.

At the moment when the competition enters the final, the final defense will be made by our company's Houyi technology development expert.