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2019 year-end party of Asink

Jan.11,2020, the year-end party of Asink was held in Wahtong Cheng Hotel Dongguan. It was held not only to thank to the cooperation of the customers and efforts made by the employees but also to retrospect 2019 and prospect 2020.

The party started with the speech of our chairman,Tom. Though the China-USA trade war cause impact to the industry and the market,but thanks to the efforts of efforts of every employee,Asink's sales performance still made progress in 2019. There will still be challenges in 2020,but let's aim to higher target.

Chairman toasted for 2020.


All employees enjoyed the feast.


Not only the feast,there were also singing competition,exciting games and lucky draw which made the party more hilarious.

There were four competitors in this singing competition and the winner would get the prize. The first team was consisted by Erica and Lary,who both dressed in red. They brought "Happy New Year" for us. The lyrics "Happy new year,pray for luck,this wish makes us closer" showed that they hoped in 2020 everyone could make their dream come true.


The second team was Chiou-Huei Ju & Lian-Feng Chang,and their song was "Hug!Bro!". Asink is not only a place to work but also a big family. The colleagues will help and encourage each other like brothers,which is one of the spirits of Asink.


Nick was the third team and he brought "I eat fried chicken in People's Square". Instead of being lost in the original version, this song was sung in the wild style. There would always be difficulties and challenges in the life,but don't be afraid. Be confident,and face them!