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Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau and its delegation visited Asink
Date: November 2021

On the morning of November 19, 2021, Li Qing, deputy section chief of the high tech section of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, and a delegation of 4 people (2 from Dongguan City and 2 from Qishi branch) visited Asink for on-site audit and visit our company——Winner of the winner of Guangdong entrepreneurship and innovation competition.

The person in charge of Asink enthusiastically introduced the award-winning project Houyi project of the innovation and entrepreneurship competition to the people of the Bureau of science and technology, and expounded its application products in thermal simulation and thermal design, relevant businesses and development prospects in the market. Houyi project is also in line with the independent intellectual property rights strongly supported by the state and ESG green project.

Leaders of the science and Technology Bureau unanimously affirmed Asink's investment and achievements in R & D and innovation!

Above, thank the relevant developers for their efforts!



Houyi project

Asink has been working in the radiator market for many years. From the initial development and promotion of nano-carbon radiators, the products are now recognized and affirmed by customers and agents. Over the years, they have accumulated rich experience in heat dissipation of electronic products. The Houyi AI thermal simulation platform of the industrial robot system that participated in the entrepreneurial competition this time is the crystallization of ISIMCO's technology and experience over the years. Through the combination of AI intelligence, big data technology, heat flow analysis core, and heat dissipation design experience, the complex technology of thermal simulation is creatively used to achieve low thresholds, cloudification, and efficiency.

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