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Good News: our company won the high-tech products certification!


Our company has passed the Guangdong high-tech products certification.
And won the honor of Guangdong high-tech products.

High-tech products certification


High-tech products refer to brand-new products that conform to the national and provincial high technology key scope, technology field and product reference catalogue.
High-tech products has been considered to have the characteristics of high technical content, good economic benefits and broad market prospects, which is played an important role in the development of enterprises

Asink Green Material Corporation was founded in April, 2012. It's a high-tech enterprise which has research and development(R&D), production and marketing and sales rolled in one. Since its establishment, we focus on the development and application of eco-friendly mateirals, especially new eco-friendy nano-carbon material. Among them, nano-carbon coating heat sink with Asink solid nano-carbon powder material as the core have been widely used in various electronic product markets.


Compared with traditional heat sink, Asink solid nano-carbon coating heat sink have better heat dissipation performance


Asink Nano-carbon materialf is 100% solid coating material, and completely environmentally friendly green coating materials. In the process of production, manufacturing and processing, it fully meets environmental protection requirements and can achieve "zero VOC" emissions. With our exclusive NSSCT (Nano Solid Surface Coating Technology), Spray Asink solid nano-carbon material powder on the surface of metal substrate. The uniform nano-carbon film formed by it has a high emittance, which can greatly improve the heat dissipation performance.

Asink solid nano coarbon coating heat sink

Ultra-thin heat sink coated with nano-carbon

Application: cellphone, tablet pc, Smart speaker, TV Dongle, camera and so on.