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Unity is strength



Sep. 2018,our general manager and vice general manager visited the Shanghai office of Silcon Application Corp. to praise the outstanding sales performance.

Silcon Application Corp mainly acts an agent and sell components of semiconductor,and successful promote the products to the market of networking communication,computer,consumer electronics and so on. With the various products and professional technical service,Silcon Application Corp. created the revenue of $USD 2.501 billion dollars in 2017 and became the best business partner of Asink.

With rich experience on sales,professional technical service and strong relationship with cutomers,Silicon Application Corp. performed well on revenue. However,Asink's nano-carbon thermal series is also an important factor to achieve the great success. Through close corporation,great progress of research and development was made and therefore promoted the sales. In the future, we will keep cooperating with each other,and we are confident and ready to face the challenges and win more market shares.

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