Eco Coating

  • Multifunctional
  • Customized color
  • Eco-friendly
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Product description

Functional powder is a kind of powder coating material for specific usage such as heat dissipation,insulation,anti-bacterial,MDF,anti-graffiti,weather resistance and so on. On the premise of same performance,Asink researches and develops eco-friendly formula.Also our product has RoHS and REACH certification.

Since 2009,our R&D team has researched more than 600 formulas and has accumulated rich experience.The formula and manufacturing process are supervised by industrual Technology Research Institute;the quality and performance of product are certificated by SGS.Our nanosized materials include graphene,carbon nanotube,carbon nanocapsules,various carbides, oxides,hydrides and so on.The synthetic materials are imported form Germany and Japan.Asink has tested for thousands of time,and finally confirmed tens of formulas.Now they are widely applied in various products.

Functional Powder
Sub product photo Model Specification
A011 Anti-static Inquiry
A103 Good physical properties Inquiry
A111 Anti-bacterial Inquiry
A219 Insulated, flame-retarding Inquiry
A221 Electromagentic wave shielding Inquiry
A442 Heat insulating, thicker Inquiry
A513 Low-temperature curing resin Inquiry
A604 Fluorocarbon Inquiry

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