Eco Coating

  • Self-developed
  • Outstanding weather resistance
  • Customization(color)
  • Eco-friendly
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Product description

Asink has two kinds of powder material,which are for indoor environment and outdoor environment respectively.This eco-friendly product can not only help change the color for Cosmetic appearance but also offer surface protection to some degree.Also it is certificated by RoHS and Reach.

Product feature

Eco-friendly,customization(color),outstanding weather resistance.


Metal product: shelf in supermarket,workout equipment,security box,shopping carts and so on.
Household items: lamps,metal furniture,sewing machine,barbecue grill,facilities in garden and so on.
Building materials: components made of aluminum,security door,wallboard made of aluminum alloy,metal components for building and so on.
Electronic products: heat sink for electronic products,metal shell for electronic products and so on.

Physical property tables

Cosmetic Powder
Sub product photo Model Specification
180 sand grain powder(indoor) Customization Inquiry
181 sand grain powder(outdoor) Customization Inquiry

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