EMI Shielding

  • Shielding Cover(stainless steel)
  • Shielding Cover(copper-nickel-zinc alloy)
  • Shielding Cover(tinplate)

Product description

Shielding Cover is used to ensure that the electronic products can function well through shielding the impact of outside electronic signal to inside electronic circuit and the radiation from inside. Widely applied in electronic products such as cellphone,router and so on. The common materials include stainless steel,copper-nickel-zinc alloy and tinplate.It can be either binding or brazing.As for structure, there are two styles: one-piece and two-piece. One-piece is more widely used(simple structure,higher cost-performance ratio). Two-piece structure has higher cost,but it's more convenient for maintenance.

Product feature

stainless steel(SUS304): non-wetting,moderate price
copper-nickel-zinc alloy(C7521): wetting,higher price
tinplate(SPTE): wetting,lower price


Products of communication networking,cellphone,TV,access controller and so on.

Shielding Cover
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