EMI Shielding

  • Relatively light,soft and thin
  • Can be processed to multiple shapes
  • Easy setup

Product description

EMI Absorber can collet the incident electromagnetic wave and convert the energy into thermal energy or other forms of energy. Those functional materials which have little reflection,scattering and transmission can be used to absorb discrete and redundant electromagnetic radiation and interference to solve the problem of electromagnetic interference(EMI) in engineering field.

Absorbent Products have outstanding electromagnetic radiation and noise abosrbing ability,can be widely applied in various fields.

Product feature

Wide absorption band
Certificated by RoHS,halogen-free


Router,cellphone,laptop,wireless charging,access controller and so on.

Physical property tables

EMI Absorber
Sub product photo Model Specification
ASK-A1015 Magnetic permeability:10
Thickness:0.15 mm
ASK-A1030 Magnetic permeability:10
Thickness:0.30 mm
ASK-A1050 Magnetic permeability:10
Thickness:0.50 mm
ASK-A1075 Magnetic permeability:10
Thickness:0.75 mm
ASK-A1100 Magnetic permeability:10
Thickness:1.00 mm

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