Heat Dissipation

  • Thinner, lighter and smaller
  • More cost-effective
  • More good-looking
  • Eco-friendly
  • Customization

Product description

We coat nano-carbon homogeneously on aluminum substrate,so that the thermal energy can be transferred by metal and radiated by nano-carbon coating soon to enhance the thermal performance.

Product feature

High radiation,high thermal conductivity,ultra-thin and eco-friendly.


Cellphone,Tablet PC,TV Dongle,camera,boardcom and so on.

Advantages of the manufacturing process
  1. Thinner, lighter and smaller : Under the premise of same thermal performance and surface area,the height and weight of Asink's heat sink can be reduced up to 90%!
  2. Most cost-effective : Under the premise of same thermal performance,compared with traditional heat sink,cost can be lowered by 10% or more;under the premise of same volume,thermal performance can be greatly raised because of the outstanding radiation of Asink's nano-carbon coating.
  3. More good-looking : Coating color can be customized.
  4. Eco-friendly : Materials,manufacturing process and products are totally green and eco-friendly.

Sub product photo Model Specification
SLA-015XXX23A H=2.3mm W=15mm Inquiry
SLA-020XXX23A H=2.3mm W=20mm Inquiry
SLA-025XXX23A H=2.3mm W=25mm Inquiry
SLA-030XXX23A H=2.3mm W=30mm Inquiry
SLA-035XXX23A H=2.3mm W=35mm Inquiry
SLA-040XXX23A H=2.3mm W=40mm Inquiry
SLA-040XXX23B H=2.3mm W=40mm Inquiry
SLA-045XXX23A H=2.3mm W=45mm Inquiry
SLA-048XXX23A H=2.3mm W=48mm Inquiry
SLA-050XXX23A H=2.3mm W=50mm Inquiry
SLA-058XXX23A H=2.3mm W=15mm Inquiry
SLA-062XXX23A H=2.3mm W=62mm Inquiry
SLA-065XXX23A H=2.3mm W=65mm Inquiry
SLA-067XXX23A H=2.3mm W=67mm Inquiry
SLA-067XXX23B H=2.3mm W=67mm Inquiry
SLA-070XXX23A H=2.3mm W=70mm Inquiry
SLA-080XXX23A H=2.3mm W=80mm Inquiry
SLA-094XXX23A H=2.3mm W=94mm Inquiry
SLA-006XXX32A H=3.2mm W=6mm Inquiry
SLA-011XXX32A H=3.2mm W=11mm Inquiry
SLA-014XXX40A H=4.0mm W=14mm Inquiry
SKE-015XXX40A H=4.0mm W=15mm Inquiry
SLA-020XXX30A H=3.0mm W=20mm Inquiry
SLA-025XXX30A H=3.0mm W=25mm Inquiry
SLA-025XXX30B H=3.0mm W=25mm Inquiry
SLA-025XXX40A H=4.0mm W=25mm Inquiry
SKE-030XXX35A H=3.5mm W=30mm Inquiry
SLA-030XXX40A H=4.0mm W=30mm Inquiry
SKE-035XXX45A H=4.5mm W=35mm Inquiry
SLA-038XXX35A H=3.5mm W=38mm Inquiry
SLA-045XXX30A H=3.0mm W=45mm Inquiry
SLA-047XXX38A H=3.8mm W=47mm Inquiry
SLA-054XXX13A H=1.3mm W=54mm Inquiry
SLA-055XXX45A H=4.5mm W=55mm Inquiry
SLA-063XXX30A H=3.0mm W=63mm Inquiry
SLA-066XXX20A H=2.0mm W=66mm Inquiry
SLA-076XXX34A H=3.4mm W=76mm Inquiry
SLA-078XXX30A H=3.0mm W=78mm Inquiry
SLA-080XXX40A H=4.0mm W=80mm Inquiry
SLA-090XXX40A H=4.0mm W=90mm Inquiry
SLA-091XXX30A H=3.0mm W=91mm Inquiry
SKE-111XXX44A H=4.4mm W=111mm Inquiry

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