Heat Dissipation

  • Light
  • Universal type and high thermal performance
  • Flame-retarding,heat resistant and great weather resistance

Product description

Graphene is a crystalline from of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a hexagonal structure.It was discovered by two scholars in The University of Manchester, and they won Nobel Prize in 2010.Graphene is kind of strategic cutting-edge material with high performance,listed on 'Made in China 2025'.

Carbon alloy is a kind of carbon-based composite with high thermal conductivity,which is polymerized by graphene and polymer material.Its thermal performance is as good as aluminum heat sink. It can transfer and radiate thermal energy soon and thus can replace aluminum in thermal pad and heat sink.

Product feature

Light,flame-retarding,outstanding weather resistance,low coefficient of thermal expansion and molding shrinkage,simplified manufacturing process so doesn't need two-process work. Also, the formula and design can be customized.


Middle/large-sized thermal pad,heat sink and non-pressure-bearing parts applied in field of illumination,electronics,communication connectivity,appliances, dash cam,docking station,products of communication networking,set-top box,TV and so on.

Sub product photo Model Specification
OML-04304710B-PZY02 42.79 x 47.29 x 10 mm Inquiry
OML-04906310B-PZY01 48.8 x 62.53 x 10 mm Inquiry
OML-07108490B-OZY03 70.55 x 84.38 x 9 mm Inquiry

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