Heat Dissipation

  • Customization
  • Combine heat pipe,vapor chamber,fan and heat sink to achieve the best thermal performance
  • Compared with traditional aluminum-extruded heat sink,the thermal performance greatly enhanced in limited space

Product description

Thermal Module Thermal module is generally used for system having higher calorific value or forced convection thermal system.Common components include heat pipe, heat conductive substrate,fin,fan,vapor chamber and so on.By function can mainly be divided into two parts:the heat sink and the convection device.The heat sink can enhance thermal conductivity, increase the surface area and reduce the ventilation resistance.The convection device is generally a fan,including an axial fan and a blower.Thermal module can be applied to laptop,server,industrial personal computer(IPC),game host,graphic card,projector and so on.

TV Thermal Module Nowadays the target of TV industry is larger size and higher resolution.However,to reach the goal(8K resolution),higher thermal performance is required because the chip power consumption increases corresponsively.Asink's TV thermal module consists of fan and heat sink coated with nano-carbon and can solve the problem.

Product feature

Small but better thermal performance,the speed of fan can be adjusted.


Thermal module for laptop,desktop PC,tablet PC,server,industrial personal computer,game host,graphic card,projector,LED lamp,power supply and TV.

Thermal Module
Sub product photo Model Specification
MAXX07607610-SA-SK1 Size:76x76x10mm
Material:Al6063,coated Asink nano-carbon on the surface
Fan flow:9.58CFM
Fan pressure:1.87mmH2O
Service life(fan): 40℃,50000 hours
Bearing: Dual
Voltage:12 VDC
Current:0.15 Amp

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