Interface Material

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Can fill the vacancy perfectly
  • Customization(size)

Product description

Thermal pad is a kind of thermal conductive material which is consisted of silica gel,metal-oxide and other auxiliary materials. It's called soft thermal pad,silica gel thermal pad as well.The main function of the product is to fill in the vacancy between the heat sink and heat source to transfer heat energy.Extra functions include insulation shock-absorbing.

Product feature

APD series thermal pad
Thermal conductivity: 1~8 (W/mK)
Thickness range: 0.3mm~8.0mm
Size range: width 200 mm,length 400 mm
Hardness range: Shore C,between 15~60


Satisfy the need of products which have high power consumption
Electronic components(including IC,CPU,MOS,LED,DDR and so on)
Motherboard,power supply,heat sink,LCD TV,set-top box,DVD
Laptop,desktop pc,telecommunication equipment,wireless hub
Appliances,automobile electronics,new-energy automotive battery and so on

Physical property tables

Thermal Pad
Sub product photo Model Specification
APD100 Customization Inquiry
APD150 Customization Inquiry
APD200 Customization Inquiry
PD250 Customization Inquiry
APD300 Customization Inquiry
APD400 Customization Inquiry
APD500 Customization Inquiry
APD600 Customization Inquiry
APD700 Customization Inquiry
APD800 Customization Inquiry

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