Interface Material

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Can fill the vacancy perfectly
  • Customization(size)

Product description

PI thermal pad is consisted of glass fiber,silca gel,specific thermal dust and goes through the vulcanization process at high temperature. Since it's soft and self-adhesive(one side),it has better tensile strength and voltage resistance,and therefore becomes the ideal material for fill-in thermal conduction.

Product feature

Very soft,high voltage resistance,self-adhesive(one side),glass fiber improves the strength,can be punched without deformation,puncture proof, vibration proof,antifriction and so on.


LED illumination,industrial communication device,power battery pack and so on.

Physical property tables

Sub product photo Model Specification
APD100BQ Customization Inquiry
APD150BQ Customization Inquiry
APD200BQ Customization Inquiry
APD250BQ Customization Inquiry
APD300BQ Customization Inquiry
APD400BQ Customization可自定義,詳見上方產品物性表 Inquiry
APD500BQ Customization Inquiry
APD600BQ Customization Inquiry

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